Hi there, I'm Anthony Ng!

I'm a passionate software engineer living in Toronto, Canada. I love to dabble in new mobile and web technologies. I currently work at Wave, a company that liberates small business owners from the administrative headaches of running their own business. On my spare time, I enjoy working on open source and side projects!



A social networking app for Android that allows you to connect with people around a vicinity, such as a school or a mall. What makes Playfield unique is that you can only post in a place of interest if you are physically within that area, making the content a lot more relevant.

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Bike Share Toronto

An iOS app that allows you to find all nearby bike sharing stations in Toronto. You can also see how many bikes and docks are available at each station in real time.

Shinobi Reborn

An action packed ninja side scroller game for Windows Phone. Collect gems and unlock special abilities to reach the top of the castle.

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